MarIne ServIces

A Wide Range of Services in Maritime Industry

Due to the vast experience and network of our team in almost every part of the maritime industry in various regions of the world, we are capable of providing a wide range of consultancy and project management services.

Whether you are seeking charter for your freight or looking for financial resources for maritime projects, BST Marine Management and Consultancy Services can provide you with end-to-end solutions in maritime sector. 




Our team has a tremendous expertise in international spot, contract of affreightment and and time charter; for a wide range of freight varying from petroleum products to dry cargo. By utilizing our access to freight/ship owners network and performing continuous market research; we are able to source the top charter deal tailored for our customers.








Thanks to the vast ship construction and dockyard management experience of our team, we are able to offer services of new-building contracting, ship building supervision and project management. We can also provide consultation and brokerage for access to dockyards in the MENA region.







Raising bank/institutional financing for your maritime projects or restructuring of your existing debts; we can provide you consultancy in your finance requirements. Our unique network in banks and investor institutions in Europe, APAC and MENA regions allow us to create tailor-made solutions for your problems.








Our team has lead dozens of defense projects in multiple countries and has close ties to military contractors in multiple regions with a focus on MENA region. We can provide you with project management, design support and brokerage services in defense industry.







Due to the global experience and connections to the international energy network of traders and energy providers, we have the capability to both source and facilitate international trading projects of yours.









With a specialization in dockyard and; oil, gas and water pipeline constructions, we can provide project management in EPC sector suiting to your requirements and constraints.